White Collar Crimes Defense

white collar crimes defense service
White Collar Crimes Defense

Carlo Zaccagnini Attorney at Law maintains a substantial white collar crime practice: Ponzi's schemes, Carousel frauds, international V.A.T. frauds, Money Laundering, international corruption, financial crimes, bank offences, bankruptcy frauds.
The firm has trial lawyers who have white collar experience as prosecutors and as defense counsel. The firm provides its clients with informed legal advice and vigorous advocacy in the investigative, pre-trial, post-trial, appellate and Supreme Court phases of matters.
Firm lawyers also provide preventive consulting services to anticipate and resolve potential problems and to avoid either civil or criminal implications.
In addition, the firm has in-house investigative and consulting services.Carlo Zaccagnini Attorney at Law has represented individuals and corporations, including major defense contractors and corporations, in connection whit criminal investigations or prosecutions across the country.The firm is experienced in the European Arrest Warrant (E.A.W.) procedure and in precautionary measures to be enforced abroad.These matters have involved a broad range of offenses, including false statements, false claims, bribery and illegal gratuities, conflicts of interest, procurement fraud, offenses relating to failed financial institutions, tax fraud, fraud against the Food and Drug Administration, criminal antitrust offenses, securities violations, and criminal environmental offenses.