Corporate Criminal Law

The Firm deals with the various criminal implications of Corporate, Bankruptcy and Tax Law, for instance with allegations concerning Asset Infidelity (Article 2634 of the Civil Code), Unlawful Influence on the Shareholders’ Meeting (Article 2636 of the Civil Code), Fictitious Formation of Capital (Article 2632 of the Civil Code) and Illegal Profit Sharing (Article 2627 of the Civil Code).

The firm mainly provides legal protection – as defender both of the civil party and of physical or legal persons involved in criminal proceedings – to directors, legal representatives, and members of the Management Board in relations to the violation of Corporate Law (Article 2621 et seq. of the Criminal Code).

The experience of the firm has been strengthened by dealing with cases related to administrative liability of legal persons and Defamation crimes against honour committed through press, television or via the Internet.